#1 Digital Marketing Consultant & Evangelist 2021

Just imagine how cheezy it would look if I was a digital marketing consultant but did not feature anywhere in the search results.

That would be bizarre right?

If you go to google and search for a digital marketing evangelist you will see what I am talking about šŸ˜‰

Yes right under Avinash Kaushik who is the Godfather in the DM space. So being already featured in the top 5 of Google I am trying my second experiment.

All these experiments are designed show you how google really works and even if you are lazy, take all the shortcuts possible, but just play the game right. You can and will rank on Google.


You will notice spelling errors, transcribed garbage, apparently, audio friendly as well.

Goal – By 2020, become the top 10 digital marketing consultants in Google SERPS by cheating and like I said being lazy.

The intent is not really to add any value in this post apart from it from being bizarre later on, but do me a favor, just scroll up and down this article as if you were actually reading it. It helps with the interaction šŸ˜‰ dude so if you already a digital marketer or an SEO expert, please help me out.

I always obligige backlinks more than anything else. It’s all about the darn backlinks. Infact, Google was not called Google before. Yup, let me say that again,

Google was called Backrub! I’ll save that story for another day, but trust me its all about content and backlinks.

Yet when you talk to dozens of agencies or freelancers they simply don’t eat there own dog food. Now, this has been a strategic effort on multiple fronts. In order to win at the search engine game, you need to know a couple of things. Nothing rocket science material, in fact, it’s quite the contrary.


My daughter is 4 so If I had to explain to here this is what I would say.

Sammy imagine if there was a giant balloon. And from that balloon things are going to fall out. You have one minute and can collect whatever you like.







60 seconds later what do you think she would have picked up? And what do you think she would have discarded?

Same way every day, every second google has to choose between things they like and dislike.

So in this case, its good juicy content that people gossip about. They share, they comment, they link back, they laugh, they cry.

Like I said, this is only an experiment with Google. Some analogies, something clever cause you need to defeat all the other digital marketing consultants aiming to be number 1!






Offline Meetups



Now this is only SEO. When you talk about being a digital marketing consultant then you really need to understand the entire game.

For example :

How to I get more traffic?

How do I convert that traffic into money.

That’s it.

Traffic and conversions is the name of the Game. Ryan Deiss from Digitalmarketer.com came up with that.

Along those lines, credibility. If you check out their certified partner directory you would see that we are listed as a platinum training and agency partner.

So Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content, Analytics, Conversion Optimization are things you need to be well versed with to call yourself a marketing consultant in 2020.

Content is king. Infact there are studies that suggest the ideal length now is 1800 words.

I am going to try and now make this blog into a podcast. Actually the other way around. Make the podcast and then convert it into Audio.

That seems to work more naturally more me. So. Here goes.

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Hey guys, what’s up governor? Buck sunny here and this is now actually me speaking into my mobile phone and I realized that it’s going to be evasive blow way faster, way quicker to actually have a conversation. It sounds weird with myself but this is really going to help me get my content out there like good type pretty fast. In fact, I’ll probably do a test and let you know how fast I can type, but I’m sure I’m actually a hundred percent sure that I can speak much faster than I can type. So the faster I can speak, the more content is going to get converted, the more I can share. And this is truly what I like to do. So coming back to the initial topic of being the number one digital marketing consultant in 2020 are, this is a kind of experiment beta that I’m trying because I really want to move to scratch that.

Speaker 1: (01:05)
I really want to set up base in the buy in 2020 because it’s going to be your wild, your in 2020 in the buy. Lots of stuff happening there. So I want to use my knowledge and skills as a digital marketing trainer, a digital marketing consultant or digital marketing agency owner. I started off as a freelancer and over the course of the last 15 years, we’ve consistently made strides and pioneered the digital marketing space in some way and form. Of course there are hundreds of father top world-class digital marketing consultants. Though we feel that we’ve contributed a part in the entire ecosystem not to be by really disrupting the way traditional agencies continue to work in function. Looking at the current trends, looking at the gig economy, I’m very certain that even companies that can offer large companies that can afford top end digital marketing agencies are going to come back and say that there is just such a huge disparity between what you guys are charging and is Julie available out there?

Speaker 1: (02:36)
So that could be the collapse of the digital marketing agency module. You know, similar to the banking industries where agencies are just ripping off their customers charging extravagant sums of money. Whereas, because we’ve managed to McDonald’s systems, McDonald’s [inaudible] processes, for example, listing out tasks, we have a database of over 125 tasks that we’ve gathered over the course of so many years and summarize that, Hey, if we had to list out everything in digital marketing, here are 125 tasks that you need to do and it’s always like a growing list but not by another 125 you can add another one to things and move on. So we will be crowdsourcing this and this as well because we want to have a solid comprehensive list from everyone. You know, I want everyone to contribute to this and say that, okay, this is what an agency does, but this is how we would process it by it.

Speaker 1: (03:48)
Okay, so the downside I think of just having a conversation with yourself is that you tend to drift as well. So I’m going to keep it focused to a couple of bullet points as to why I’m doing this experiment to be the number one digital marketing consultant in 2020 if this works, great case demonstrated. If it doesn’t, no one’s going to know anyway. That’s right. Joke about SEO is that where do you hide a dead body on page two of Google, so if you aren’t on page one for the term digital marketing consultant than my friend, you are not going to get noticed and no one is going to know about your efforts, about your content writing, your podcasting, your video editing, your Facebook ads, your Google ads, your email marketing, your messenger bots, your analytics, your metrics, your bounce rates, your open rates, your click through rates. So the list is finite. It’s not rocket science. Like I said earlier, once you have a look at all the tasks that need to be done sequentially, then you’ll see the entire funnel. You’ll see how things go around. In fact, we’ve been using the software to really demonstrate how you should design your one page funnel, which includes your costs. It includes your traffic sources. It includes your conversion rates, it includes your upsells, it includes your down-sells, it includes your hosting costs, your email costs, your Facebook ad costs, Google ad costs

Speaker 1: (05:59)
of, this is fun because I finally feel that I’ve cracked the code of being able to create content because I’ve found my format. I can talk and talk and talk and talk about digital marketing. Even in the middle of the night. If you wake me up, unless I’ve been drinking, then I can talk to you about digital marketing. So it’s been my passion for a long time. Now. I’m really looking at taking it to a whole new level, you know, just a complete nobody in terms of competition, you know, you’ve heard names like Neil Patel, Ryan dice, Molly Pittman, digital Depok, Sadat, Rajet Gog, I’ll be Aria Gopal, all my guys at the digital masters association.

Speaker 1: (06:57)
You’re not really walking the talk when it comes to digital marketing. Making sure that you’ve got your micro videos that obviously just completely nailed blogging, deeper running the largest blog in India when it comes to community. So these get a spectacular, and fortunately I’ve managed to sneak into that offline kind of community, which like I mentioned, adds a lot of credibility. So in order to be credibility you have to engage in offline activities as well. Even if you are doing digital marketing, like Google is constantly scanning newspapers as E versions. Yeah. What’s up? Just talking about what’s up. Instagram and Facebook all owned by the same company in a way, scary with the amount of data they collect. At the same time as digital marketers, it’s the best gift that we can really receive is the ability to target people like never before in the history possible.

Speaker 1: (08:26)
So far, this experiment is consistent with a little bit of texts and I were doing a little bit of audio. We’ll have that transcribed. We’ll probably even leave it for [inaudible]. Google is constantly picking up the voice and audio wondering. One ridiculous step that I heard was that you should scream your keyboard when you just start your video so Google can hear it. So here goes digital marketing consultant, digital marketing consultant in Dubai, digital marketing, marketing, marketing, digital marketing rocks. So let’s see if that’s spins it off a bit. Optimization. So let’s see how many words this has come out to. Content size is always been super important. Back links, relevancy, title tags, meta-tags, meta-description, image optimization, robots dot. TXT sitemap dot. XML internal linking demos. Let’s try and rank this baby up. Be the number one digital marketing influencer in 2020 signing off. This is being [inaudible].

HAHAHA. that’s really funny. Okay, please google god, Put me up there. I promise to share more valuable content like this.

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