I Clocked $1 Per Second in 2019

Before I give you all the details let me just tell you that there are 86400 in a day. So, if I did not take a bio break, smoke break, eat food or talk to any other human being for a second I could earn $86,400 per day. Now that got me thinking, holy smokes! […]

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Would you agree that Time is Money? I’ve asked this question a lot, especially when I am speaking to a room full of people. Pretty quickly, the hands go up, and soon, its a room filled with hands up with people agreeing that time is money. So now, with that said, would you agree that […]

When Digital MasterMinds Meet (BEHIND THE SCENES)

https://wordpress-445154-1522486.cloudwaysapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ggl-1.mp3 This tiny audio snippet encompasses all the enormous fun, frolic and laughter & learning.  Unfortunately, the original recordings can never be shared to the Public. Things would go just a tee bit crazy!     [elfsight_youtube_gallery id=”2″]     LEAVE A COMMENT WAY-WAY-WAY BELOW. Fucking wordpress guy man. Told him to put it up […]