“I’m On A Mission To Help 100,000 People Earn Money Using The Power Of The Internet.”

About me



I’m Gaurav Guru (GG).

I am a young, fun, nerdy, Digital Marketing Nomad.

Born and brought up in Pune, India with a brief school stint in the US as a youth exchange program 

I started off early, at the age of 14, I realized my passion for the internet and when I understood how to make money from it, it turned into my career.

After getting my degree in Hotel management I quit my first job as a sales executive at the Hyatt in 4 months. Just out of college my salary was $120 a month. My house rent in Mumbai was $160 and my nightlife expenses were close to $300 a month. Welcome, Credit Cards.

The next phase was awesome.

Due to my passion and curiosity about the digital world, I have researched, studied, tried, and tested multiple facets of digital marketing which has lead me to become an International Digital Marketing Expert having helped over 3000 entrepreneurs build and scale an online business they love.

I have worked in multiple roles across the services provided by an internet marketing organization. I was also the business development specialist in online services provider ‘Directi’ for a couple of years before starting my own company – Pragmites. With Pragmites I knew it was time to bring newer methods into digital marketing.

Through my years of experience, I learned that I wanted to impart my knowledge of digital marketing and therefore started my company OnlineBusiness.org

My goal is to help entrepreneurs build a start-up to multi-millions in recurring annual sales through effective growth hacks, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing.

About Me
“I like to work with like minded people who get stuff done, no faff, no fluff, no excuses.. You commit, you deliver, we grow together! I would rather deal with one business minded person than hundred people who have an employee mindset. I want to do my bit in reducing racism and creating a workforce free of judgement, harassment or any kind of intolerance. You should be judged on your skill not on your colour, creed or religion. You can approach things only one way, lead, get your hands dirty and convert the invisible into the visible.”

Version One Is Better Than Version None

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for some digital marketing consultation or help don’t hesitate to reach out. I want to give back to the community of action-driven entrepreneurs.

Create Small Wins and Be Checkout Ready

Last couple of months, I have been training and consulting freelancers, to pursue their true passion. I want to empower people to do what we love with an opportunity to earn based on the effort we put in.

My training sessions trim the learning and get you to be an action taker. With the launch of DigitalMarket.com, I want to provide an equal opportunity marketplace that connects buyers with certified freelancers and enables them to get the job done in a standardized, timely, transparent and cost effective manner.


Just some of the projects I’ve been working on lately.

Always committed to your growth and success.

Gaurav Gurbaxani
Founder of OnlineBusiness.org
Chief Outsourcing Officer DigitalMarket.com

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