Here at IIDE, A Premium Digital Marketing Institute – Mumbai

I witnessed Karan Shah deliver a knock out digital marketing session at the High Traffic Summit in Mumbai. He is an ace communicator and held his audiences attention hostage. Evidently, an expert in the DM space. The next day, I went over to his institute, and boy was that impressive! You instantly get the vibe […]

I Clocked $1 Per Second in 2019

Before I give you all the details let me just tell you that there are 86400 in a day. So, if I did not take a bio break, smoke break, eat food or talk to any other human being for a second I could earn $86,400 per day. Now that got me thinking, holy smokes! […]

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Would you agree that Time is Money? I’ve asked this question a lot, especially when I am speaking to a room full of people. Pretty quickly, the hands go up, and soon, its a room filled with hands up with people agreeing that time is money. So now, with that said, would you agree that […]

When Digital MasterMinds Meet (BEHIND THE SCENES) This tiny audio snippet encompasses all the enormous fun, frolic and laughter & learning.  Unfortunately, the original recordings can never be shared to the Public. Things would go just a tee bit crazy!     [elfsight_youtube_gallery id=”2″]     LEAVE A COMMENT WAY-WAY-WAY BELOW. Fucking wordpress guy man. Told him to put it up […]