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Update: October 13, 2019

As part of this experiment we are now taking this to the next level.

Page 1 Domination for Digital Marketing in Dubai

Here is the plan. I will show you how to ethically reverse engineer

your way to the top of the SERPS.

Leave alone the Jargon. Every business wants to be on top of Google for their keywords.

Keywords are simple, essentially what do you want people searching for your business to look up on Google.

For me it’s fairly straightforward.

While I am in the Digital Marketing industry, keywords of great commercial intent

to me would be :

Digital Marketing Speaker in Dubai – This way if there is a corporate company looking for my services and they search for that. I would show up.

Similarly, keywords like consultant, coach, mentor, advisor would also work well

because they have more or less the same meaning.

My friend Sorav Jain has listed the top 25 agencies in Dubai

and I do hope that with effort I get their as well.

Coming back to the experiment I will also look for citations and directory

listings. Going to put as much of Dubai as I possibly can. Cause that really works.

For an individual like me to get a Visa for Dubai is possible. but I want to ensure

that I have a business setup.

The only thing I trust is getting an organic consisent flow of traffic coming and

really building a personal brand to be proud off.

So here I am, telling the Universe about making Dubai my headquarters for the Online Business Organization.

Yes, Dubai known as the fake city, deserves all the reviews and shoutouts it frequently receives.

If you are considering hiring a digital marketing evangelist

For Your Next Marketing Conference, Gaurav Guru is the

man for you. He will dazzle the audience with insanely simple

yet effective tricks, build live funnels in a scratch, and ofcourse

show you how to dominate Google,  Amazon and Bing.

With a best selling Amazon Kindle, 3000+ happy customers and an award-winning digital marketing agency. If you are looking at growing an online business in Dubai, be sure to get in touch for free consulting.

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