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Back Story

Hey guys...

Steve here…

I never thought I’d be able to say this,
but I’m thrilled to be able to!  So many
of you have asked for this over the years!

Let me tell you how we can actually do
your SEO for you!

We got to the point where we were spending
almost $10,000 per month on the outsourcing
of all our link building for each of the
sites we’re actively doing SEO on.

Believe me, we got it down to a science.
We have a whole procedure in place, we
use a huge database of places we discover
we can get links from, we track every link
being done, and we concentrate on training
our resources to get the absolute highest
quality links that we can.

In fact…as a check recently, I ran one of
the most respected (and expensive!) link
analysis tools in the business to get a
“link quality” report.  I wanted to make
sure we were doing the absolute best we
could when it comes to getting links from
“trusted” sources.  I was thrilled with
the outcome.  It told me that our
outsourcing company, Pragmites, was doing
a MOST excellent job at building our
links.  Of course, our rankings show this
as well!

We began to work so closely with Pragmites
and so regularly, that it just became clear
we should consider combining our companies.
In that way, we could work even more towards
creating an incredible SEO center of excellence..
rather than simply a link building company.
In addition, a relationship like that would
mean that we could create this exciting company,
get the benefit of its services for our sites,
AND be able to offer this same amazing resource
to our IM Information Product customers.

Well, we’ve done just that.

Pragmites is now a part of the Blueprint family.

The management team of Pragmites and I are
working side by side each day to make sure
we’re on the cutting edge of SEO techniques,
and now…you can get your links built…for your
sites…in EXACTLY the same way that we get ours
done.  This is fantastic in itself, as we
routinely get GREAT rankings in very short
periods of time.  BUT…even more exciting is the
ability to grow and change with us.  We are
CONSTANTLY evaluating, testing, and researching
different SEO and link building tactics and
techniques. As we change our processes and
resources, if you’re a customer of Pragmotes’
link building…your link building will change
right along with us.

Essentially, you can have me working for you.
I’ll be your lab and research, and Pragmites
will put it into practice and get your site

We have space for about 100 websites.

If you want in… just head over here:


Speak soon!


Tools & How We Do It

Gaurav Gurbaxani Delivers Masterclass to Blueprint Academy Students in 2018.

We power the largest Internet Marketers in the World.

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