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My secret weapon: Digital Marketing ToolsFrom an early age I have had a passion for bartering stuff. Once I realized I possess perhaps the most in-demand skill set I simply notched up my bartering skill set and traded digital marketing for fancy hotel rooms, gold passes for amusement parks, HD cameras, invites to some of […]

My secret weapon: Digital Marketing ToolsFrom an early age I have had a passion for bartering stuff. Once I realized I possess perhaps the most in-demand skill set I simply notched up my bartering skill set and traded digital marketing for fancy hotel rooms, gold passes for amusement parks, HD cameras, invites to some of […]

My secret weapon: Digital Marketing ToolsFrom an early age I have had a passion for bartering stuff. Once I realized I possess perhaps the most in-demand skill set I simply notched up my bartering skill set and traded digital marketing for fancy hotel rooms, gold passes for amusement parks, HD cameras, invites to some of the swankiest restaurants and of course money! Money is what “makes the world go round”.

Enough about me and my hobby, my passion and my livelihood! Let’s get down to business, let’s drive some traffic and let’s make some sales!

I did not care about the size of the book or how many words it contained,

what I focused on was keeping it to the point.

Simple to Understand, Easy To Implement and YOU can take action Now!

Who is this for?

This book has been designed for people who can think strategically. They get the big picture quickly, consume it in bite sized learnings and take immediate action.

This book is for risk takers, entrepreneurs, and people who are willing to change their life. They are not afraid to take action; all they need is the right guidance, support system and resources to go places.

The world has collapsed into one giant marketplace. Gone are the days where your geography matters!

Having lived in a 3’rd world country, I have never been happier that my business is International “on the web” so I don’t need to deal with real world business issues.



Before you get started with this kindle ebook, it’s very important to go in with a clean slate. Getting into the right mindset at the very beginning will be imperative. The way you approach the daily tasks for your online business and the bigger picture will have a massive impact on whether you will succeed or fail.

Passion is Key

It’s important to choose a business that you’re truly passionate about. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, it’s important to believe in it. If you don’t believe in your business don’t do it. Be excited, approach even difficult situations with a positive mind set. You are doing this for yourself to have fun and make money by utilizing the power of the Internet.

If you are not having fun, you’re doing it WRONG!

If you’re passionate about your business, you’ll have fun with even the most menial tasks. Try to remove any mental barriers you have against the online space. Don’t assume that things will be very complex and technical. The internet makes all tasks simpler. You may need to get familiar with the platforms, tools or even software, no matter what the business task is:

collecting emails or compiling data, there will always be an easy way to do it. You also have the option of outsourcing and using automated software to do the heavy lifting for you. The key is to work on your strengths and outsource or automate the rest.

Take Action or Die

If this sounds like a threat, it’s because it’s meant to be. We don’t mean literal death but the death of your business. Running a business whether online or offline is not easy. It requires commitment, persistence and patience. The lessons we cover in this course will mention simple tasks that you need to accomplish. It’s easy to procrastinate but if you want to achieve success then you need to take action.

Celebrate Micro Wins

Victory lies in the small things. Instead of looking for perfection and trying to complete everything before your launch, focus on small accomplishments. A lot of the time entrepreneurs get carried away with their excitement (including me). It’s good to be excited but don’t let that drive you off the rails. Keep it real. Set realistic, achievable goals and take pride in your micro wins. It could be as simple as adding all your products to your ecommerce website or designing the perfect cover image for Facebook.

These micro tasks will keep you motivated and fuel your potential business growth even if they don’t see immediate revenue in the door.

Take Risks

A big part of business is taking calculated risks. You’ll never have a guaranteed results choice as the nature of business inherently includes unknown factors. You’ll inevitably make mistakes. Instead of stressing over them learn what you can and incorporate that into your next strategy. Most of the time big plans come to life with multiple hiccups. If you aim for the perfect product, you’ll never end up launching. Perfection is something you must continuously strive for; yet do not let the lack of it keep you from finding success.

Update and Upgrade

One of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make with business is trying to do everything. They spread themselves too thin going after every new shiny product available. There are always going to be new apps. Existing channels like Facebook, Instagram and Vine, are always introducing new features and functionalities. Make sure you update your strategy to meet the new requirements so that you can take advantage as an early adopter.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The only thing that does not get by bullshit are the numbers!

There is no grey area with online businesses because everything boils down and becomes transparent. The number of visitors to your site, the number of sales, number of likes, tweets and shares. As you know, numbers don’t lie. When you put your strategy into place, make sure you think about the key metrics that you’ll look at to judge your success. When you see your business achieve your set results, you’ll get an adrenaline rush. Suddenly everything is real. Despite the virtual world you operate in the money that you’re earning is getting deposited into your bank account. That is when you’ll become a true believer on making money on the Internet.

To encapsulate this entire topic we’ll just say this: “This is where the rubber meets the road”.

Some Basic Mindsets

Rule No.1 Traffic*Conversion=(Money)

Imagine for a second that you have a piece of prime retail space in Times Square, one of the busiest intersections in the world. You get the leading interior designer to do up your space and you don’t compromise on anything. The latest equipment, literally the works! You’re now also fully staffed and with all the inventory you need to sell along with qualified sales people, demo experts and cashiers, the whole shebang.

You’re all setup for launch day, but then it happens..*Kabooom*

An evil magician has cast a spell and by some unfortunate twist of fate your store becomes “invisible” to passersby. Those millions of people walking by can’t see this amazing store you’ve set up. They can’t walk in and buy your spectacular products. You’re a ghost!

What do you think is going to happen to this store? Succeed? I don’t think so.. Do you?

Google is like the Times Square of the Internet and Traffic is the visitors to your store. Millions of people visit Google every day. You could have thebest website and setup in the world but if people can’t find you on Google, or Facebook, or Yahoo or Bing then you’re not going to make any sales.

Later on, you’ll learn how to get traffic to your website and how to convert these visitors into paying customers. Whether you’re selling a product, service, or have a blog, traffic is essential to making money online. A blog would monetize visitors by using programs like AdSense or Affiliate marketing. A B2B services website would monetize traffic by generating leads, which would be converted to customers.

Traffic and sales are directly proportional. It’s a volume game; volume traffic will get you volume cash. Let’s look at some simple math.

Imagine you have 100 visitors to your website. 2 out of these 100 make a purchase. This means your conversion rate is 2%.

Now if you increase your traffic to 1000 visitors, at 2% conversion you would get 20 sales.

At 10000 visitors you would get 200 sales and so on…

Rule No.2 Content is King

The Life of the Party

Some people are gifted with charismatic personalities. They are fun to be around and always have something witty to say. Everyone enjoys talking to such people. They’re invited more often to places than others. Imagine if you were such a person. You bring the party with you wherever you go. You’re knowledgeable and informed. You can contribute to any conversation taking place in the room. You’re basically now a celebrity.

Now imagine this again. Instead of being “Invisible” this time you’re “Dumb” in the literal sense. Despite your vast stores of knowledge and sharp wit, one day you wake up and can’t say anything. You’ve been muted! You are DUMB!

Every day people are coming up to you to strike up a conversation but you can’t reply to their questions! Obviously, you can’t keep them engaged and they start thinking you’re weird!

Since you don’t know sign language, you’ve no way to communicate with people even though you’re in your element. Without your voice, people will never discover how much fun you can be. In the online space, content is

your voice. If you don’t have good content, you cannot contribute to the millions of conversations taking place on the internet.

Content Enables Selling!

We live in a content rich driven world. Think about Youtube, Facebook or Twitter for just a second.

What do you see? Videos..
What do you hear? Podcasts..

What do you read? Blog posts..
News Stories..

Product launches..

What else? Pretty much nothing else.. These are the types of popular formats available to you. Not only do you get a chance to soft sell your customers, you get a chance to make them feel important!

Special deals, coupons, one time offers, customer testimonials: these are all types of content you can use in your arsenal to turn your selling online on autopilot.

Content allows you to have conversations with your audience. It allows you to put a message across and start a discussion. You don’t want your conversations to be boring. Talk about interesting stuff, things that have value, things that your visitors care about. It’s important to connect with your audience. Human nature dictates that you like people who are like you or whom you want to be like. By sharing quality content you can present a persona that your audience will want to be like. If your customer doesn’t like what you’re saying, he/she is going to leave!

It’s Your Sales Pitch

In a physical store, you or your sales representatives will have the opportunity to explain your product or service directly to the customer. You can highlight important features. Give them useful tips and allay their fears.

Ultimately, what you say to them will not only convince them to buy, but it could also be the beginning of a relationship between a customer and your business. This entire process is replicated online through content. Content is your means of selling.

This is why Content is KING!

Effective content can smoothly convince people to consistently buy. You no longer have to have a humongous ad budget to communicate with a wide audience. The internet and the various forms of content that can be shared through it have created equal opportunity for all businesses.

Rule No.3 Never Reinvent the Wheel

The framework you choose to operate in is critical.

Instead of starting from scratch and trying to figure out the minutiae of your business yourself, learn from people that are already in the field. There are proven business models out there that you can use and give yourself a big advantage.

Scale Up Tested Ladders

You’ll be able to achieve growth more quickly and scale your business effectively by using tried and tested formulas that are known to work. There is an extremely large pool of online business experience that you can pull from. Entrepreneurs gone by have innovated, learned from their mistakes and come up with effective ways of accomplishing tasks. All you need to do is follow the same blueprint.

Introduction to Keywords

There are eight basic notes in music. These notes are the basis of all music. Whether you’re creating a country ballad or a dance floor scorcher, you’ll need to draw on these eight notes. They are the foundation of all music.

Think of keywords as the notes in your business’s music. They are at the core of everything you do. If you do not know your keywords you do not know your business. Keywords are fundamental. They are the roots of your online business and will influence everything that comes after:

  1. They can forecast how much revenue your business is going to earn.
  2. They can help validate your business.
  3. You can make educated decisions if you know your keywords.
  4. You can generate a stream of amazing content ideas based on your keywords.
  5. You can consistently generate a positive ROI by selecting the appropriate keywords.

Your website content, SEO and even your social media will be built around your selected keywords.

You may be very good with your product knowledge but you’ve got to be able to put yourself in your customer’s mind and think what they will be searching for online, in order to find your business.

If a man walks into a pet store he will tell the salesperson what he is looking for. “I want a leash for my golden retriever” or “Do you carry vegetarian dog food?”. This gives the salesperson an idea of what the customer is thinking. The salesperson can now show the customer the right products and give the right pitch to make sure the customer makes a purchase before leaving.

When an individual is using Google, they tell the search engine what they are looking for by entering a keyword like “vegetarian dog food”. What keyword brought a particular visitor to your site can help you optimize your

content and show the right products which will increase your chances of making a sale.

This is why choosing the wrong keywords is like committing digital suicide. It will bring the wrong visitors to your website who will not only leave without making a purchase but will be dissatisfied that they were misled and brought to a site that does not carry the product they were looking for. This will cost you.

Types of Keywords

Keywords can be organized into different categories based on their intent, length and the mindset of the person initiating the search query.

Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords are keywords which consist of 4 or more words. This type of keyword is very specific to what you’re selling. People who use long tail keywords usually are looking for something specific and are actually going to buy it. For example: “Midnight delivery of chocolate birthday cake online”.

They are specific, they have high commercial intent and should be blended into your entire keyword strategy.

Short Tail Keywords
Short tail keywords consist of 1 to 3 words. This type of keyword is less

specific in nature and can apply to a larger more generic audience. ‘Cake online’ is a good example of a short tail keyword.

Branded Keywords
Consumers like to do their research before they buy a product. If someone is thinking of buying a laptop they will do their research before they make a purchase. They will look at the various brands available out there. They will search terms like ‘lenovo laptops review’ or ‘best dell laptops’. These type of keywords are known as branded keywords because they include a brand name.

If someone is looking for you in a crowded room and they call out your name you should respond, otherwise they will never find you. This is why it is important to be present for all your branded keywords. Branding keywords may not always lead to a sale but showing up for search queries with your business’s brand name is the least you can do.

Buyer Intent
Sometimes consumers have a general idea of what they are looking for but have not decided on a specific product. If a consumer was looking to buy a laptop but was not sure which model he or she wants, they will search with

Online Business: Simple, Easy, Now

a keyword like ‘laptops online discount’. This type of keyword shows buyer intent. It is clear that the consumer is looking to make a purchase. When a customer lands on your website after searching for this type of keyword, the chances of them making a purchase are much higher.

Branding and Buyer Intent
Then there are times when consumers know exactly what they want. They have seen a particular product or heard of a particular company and so their search queries are very specific, for example when someone searches with a keyword like ‘buy Lenovo A600 online’. This is known as a branding keyword that also shows high buyer intent. This type of keyword will include a brand name and indicate a strong intention to buy.

Online Business: Simple, Easy, Now

Introduction to Online Properties

Understanding Virtual Real Estate:
If you’ve any exposure to real estate, if you’ve ever bought or sold a house

or rented an apartment then you’ll find it easy to understand online properties.

Domain names are online real estate. Your domain name is the online address of your business. It is what people type into their browsers to visit your website. You have the option of buying a new house that is empty and filling it up with things you want. The same way you can buy a fresh domain that has no website on it and set it up the way you like.

On the internet everything is for sale, even existing domains with established businesses. Just like you can buy a fully furnished house with all the bells and whistles you can buy an existing domain with a business already set up and running.

Just like real estate in the real world, the value of real estate online is subject to change. The cost of a domain may increase or decrease with time. Its price may skyrocket or come crashing down because of outside factors.


To Buy or To Rent
If you decided to start a traditional brick and mortar store then one of the first things you would think about is whether you want to buy or rent. Each requires a different amount of investment and comes with different advantages and disadvantages. This is a decision you’ll need to make in the online world as well. Do you want to buy your own domain or rent an online property?

A lot of businesses online do very well by selling their products on established marketplaces like amazon and ebay. You can even rent online properties on social platforms. You can set up a Facebook store. If you choose to go this route then you will not need to get a website for your business.

You also have the option of doing both. You can buy your own domain to set up your website and also list your products on popular marketplaces to increase your total revenue. The good thing about renting online properties is that you pay rent as commission. When you list your products with Amazon, you’re not paying for listing your products. You’ll only pay when you make a sale in the form of a commission that goes to Amazon.


Finding Your Domain Name

Branding vs Keyword
There are two main types of domains that you can purchase. You could buy a Branded domain or a Keyword domain. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners or water purifiers then a domain like would be a branded domain and a domain like would be a keyword domain. Branded domains are easier to get and cost less money while keyword domains are more expensive but are easier to rank for. You should think about what type of domain you want before you make your purchase.

Understanding Extensions
Let’s continue with our real estate comparison. They say that location is the heart of real estate. When you’re buying a house, you’ll think about whether you want to stay in the city or buy in the suburbs. There is no right or wrong answer. Your choice will depend on what makes the most sense for your circumstances at the time. Think of the various online extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in, or .photography, .guru., .education as different areas in and around a city. Some of these areas are in demand and crowded while others are considered posh and are expensive. You choice will depend on what makes the most sense for your business. If you’re providing a service in a particular city or are selling a product that you only deliver in your country then a local extension like .ca or .uk could be right for your business.

The .com Advantage
In the early days, the internet business was conducted on only three main extensions: .com, .net and .org. Today there are a lot more extensions to choose from; there are local extensions like .in, .us and there are also vanity extensions like .food or .photography

Despite the availability of these new extensions .com, .net and .org have a distinct advantage. They have a premium factor to them. People are automatically more trusting of these extensions. The other advantage lies with rankings. One of the factors that Google’s algorithm considers when ranking websites is trust. Because domains with older extensions have been around longer they have a certain amount of trust and authority already built up with Google. Despite these advantages, the extension should not be your sole reason for selecting a domain.
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