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Reduce Cost – Increase Speed – Global Talent – Stereotypes exist for a reason. Have you heard about an Indian person who is not good with computers? World Economy – Scale Faster, Scale Safer.

Have you heard about Mcdonalds? My guess is that 98% of people who are reading this have.

No, I am not asking you whether you love it or hate, whether you think it’s good or bad for kids or whether you think it is is the unhealthiest food on the planet or not.

With that said, I got a question for you. Do you have a favorite Mcdonalds? As in a specific Mcdonalds that is the only one you will ever go to? Or, Do you specifically disklike another Mcdonalds?

Be it San Fransico or Montreal or for that matter India, Mcdonalds has a standard. Mcdonalds has a process. The lovely yellow fries look and taste pretty much the same anywhere around the world.

What in God’s name does this have to do with Virtual Assistants one may ask? The answer in one single word is processed.

Entrepreneurs, Wantaprenuers, early adopters and game-changers have figured this out.

Every business around the world always wants to increase profits and reduce costs. Did you know that Employee costs are most cases is the largest component of your businesses cost.

Now before you jump acting all partiotic I got a question for.

Say you are in the emergency room of a hospital and you needed an immediate infusion of blood. All the standard tests are done to ensure that the blood is safe and free of all disease.

Would you stop and ask the doctor about who has given you this blood?
Was it from a Black Man or Brown women?

All you care about is that it has been tested, It’s safe and most importantly does what it’s supposed to do.

If you were to look at the most successful companies in the world, like Google, Microsoft, Adobe and look at the leadership positions are they of a particular nationality.

Do you really think that some nationalities are smarter than the other?

Assuming you’re a lone wolf, and you are successful. You have an Internet Business that receives orders around the clock. You, however, need to rest. What will you do? Leave money on the table or hire someone around the world to do what you do while you sleep?

There is something about an employee – a boss relationship that always seems to have some tension. Similar to the Mother-in-law relationship. It’s a flawed one.

Either the boss is putting down their employee or the employee is looking at exploiting the company for more perks, benefits, and also getting into their comfort zone.

It’s all about the Money: Look it does not take a Harvard degree economist to tell you that the price of living varies drastically around the world.

It’s all about the Time: What is it that you do the best? Is it selling to new customers, is it coding, is it managing a team, HR, Legal, Accounts, Marketing, the list is endless. You need to be a master of one and outsource the rest to someone who is also a master in one.

It’s all about the Effort: Never underestimate the power of laziness. Let’s face it. You have a list of really good ideas that you know that if you were to execute, you would see better results. 
It’s all about You: Ask yourself, are you self employed? Or are you a business person. If you have created a job for yourself, 

It’s all about the Internet.

Save the drama for your mama.
You get what you pay for. 

To summaries, think like a global citizen. Understand the blood is blood, Intelligence is Intelligence and they both are global.

Before we conclude, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Cultural Difference. Yes, you bet this does exist. Things are lost in translation and at times you may get frustrated.

Transparency trumps trust. A Virtual assistant would be happy to install a piece of software and have you track literally every accounted minute. Which website they are visiting, how much time they spend on chat, which task takes the most time or which customer is sucking out the most time. Try asking a full-time employee for a worksheet. They won’t like it. While you may trust them, there is always going to be the comfort level which decreases productivity.

Hardworking. Yes, some people are born lucky and some people work hard. If you are in a developing nation there is a good chance that you are willing to put in double the effort because you are hungry, you are determined to do whatever it takes to become successful.

Culture Gap
World is flat
4-hour workweek
Governmental Taxes
The job of an entrepreneur is to create replicable processes that anyone who is trained should be able to follow and execute.
24 hour round the clock service
Global Citizen
Try harder
Big mac Index
Internet is an equal opportunity 
There is no color, 
Global Talent Pool
Figure out your hourly rate
 Scaling Operations
Clone Yourself then Multiply

Maternal Leave, Paid Leave, Performance Appraisals, Contracts are all things of the past.
24 hour operations: New Age entrepreneurs are building 24/7/365 day businesses. 
Gone are the day of 9-5Weekends off
Adopt a We Are On Policy.
‘Virtual Assistants Understand and Use technology.

If you are an entrepreneur and things are not taking off as yet, and costs increasing. Be agile, consider letting go of you most expensive full-time employees and outsource your tasks.

What is even worse is when you have a toxic in-house team all ganging up and telling you that it can’t be done. Fire them and build a politically free mutually collaborative virtual team. 

To summarise again: here is what you will get:- Smart people to work for you- Smart people to work for you at lower costs- Smart people to 

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